About Christian Schoen

I am an economist and co-founder of mesopartner, a knowledge firm that specializes in territorial development, competitiveness and innovation. I am currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam and work on short- and medium-term consulting contracts mainly in Southeast Asia. Previously, I had worked with the German applied research organization Fraunhofer in Germany and Indonesia and with the engineering consulting company Dorsch Consult. I hold a Masters degree in Economics.

Addressing demand-side issues in Quality Infrastructure

During recent scoping missions for preparing Quality Infrastructure related projects in Pakistan and Vietnam, we have been asked not primarily to look at the current and potential future supply side of Quality Infrastructure services but elaborate more on the demand side. Colleagues and partners were interested to learn about the importance of the demand for Quality Infrastructure services and, in fact, understand what exactly we mean by Quality Infrastructure demand and how it can boost the quality of products and services.

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Quality Infrastructure in the light of Systemic Competitiveness

In a consulting project in Nepal, we used the concept of Systemic Competitiveness to analyse and promote the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI). The framework of Systemic Competitiveness works as thinking and structuring tool for traditional economic development in general. The frame is, however, equally useful for specialized fields of development, such as Quality Infrastructure.

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